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Where Commercial and Residential Painting Differ


Commercial facility owners need to do something when their facility starts to wear and that is to do a repainting job which does not necessarily need to be top dollar but which should be based on cost.


When choosing a painting company, make have the mistaken idea that both residential and commercial painting is one and the same thing.  The feedback I will give may surprise you.


Painting a residential home may look very similar to painting a commercial facility and you might have seen both in some occasion.  A closer look at both painting jobs will involve answering questions that can help you differentiate one from the other.  Then when these have been answered you will then need to examine the cost that will then let you have a better choice.


IN a residential painting job it is not enough that you have the ability to pain well.  Contractors who focus solely on residential painting projects are exposed to different experiences and work best with materials used in homes that include wood and siding.  While commercial painting contractors have a wider range of materials, they also deal with materials that are used in home painting like concrete, stucco, metal and other types of materials, but they just do it on a different setting.  The paint or protective coating for commercial properties have to be able to withstand heavier wear and tear due to the heavy traffic in these places compared to a residential home.


Work itinerary also differentiates the residential from commercial painting jobs.  It is usually the case that business facilities are larger than homes, most of the time.  Unlike homes that are underutilize during office hours, business facilities on the other hand are highly utilized during those same hours.   This difference alone differentiates parameters on other supplemental needs for a commercial company. More Details Here!


Painting a residential home is a task that is more confined that a commercial painting job which require more complex planning and more manpower skill sets if one is to do a good job on time.  Commercial painting will require staff that are dedicated to specific jobs like planning, organizing, and managing in order to coordinate everything smoothly.  The job also requires standby equipment that may be needed during the day or night that can readily be discharged.


Now we have seen how residential painting is different from commercial painting in many ways. Click here if you have questions.